Diabetes Management Plan School/Work A4 Poster


1 Poster $25.00 | 2 Posters $37.50 | 3 Posters $50.00 | 4 Posters $62.50
Our customers have found that our School/Work A4 sized Personalised Management Plan are perfect for teachers, their child’s fellow students and also for employers and work colleges.

1 Poster $25.00 | 2 Posters $37.50 | 3 Posters $50.00 | 4 Posters $62.50

My children’s schools and workplaces have either a School/Work A4 sized Personalised Management Plan for each child in the office, staff room, class room, library, P.E. area, computer lab and also in the school medical book that has information about every child in the school with a medical condition.

This way, all members of staff who may be present during a diabetic emergency or involved in assisting them with their diabetes are aware of what steps to take. For the work place, it is equally as important that all work colleagues have knowledge of their diabetes and know what to do in an emergency situation. Work A4 sized Personalised Management Plans are ideal for your immediate work space as well as communal areas such as a lunch room, conference room and First Aid area.

All plans include a photograph and personalised information about:

  • Hypo symptoms
  • Hypo treatment
  • Emergency procedure
  • Daily routine
  • High blood glucose information
  • Family member/emergency contact details

Also available: Diabetes Management Plan Package C

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Adult, Child

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