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As so many things influence your body when you have diabetes, the Dia-log-it Record Book is very useful in keeping track of your day-to-day routine to help you notice and predict patterns in your diabetes.

The Dia-log-it Record Book is very useful for keeping track of your day-to-day routine, as so many things influence your body when you have diabetes.

The type and amount of food you eat, exercise you do, the times you test your Blood Glucose Level, eat your meals and the amount of insulin you have all affects your body in different ways. If you record this type of information you will start to understand how all of these things can compound together and affect your body. This knowledge will allow you a better understanding of how you can manage your diabetes in the best possible way.

What’s Inside?

The Dia-log-it record book allows you to record:

  • Up to 7 testing times per day.
  • Blood Glucose Level.
  • Food that has been eaten.
  • Amount of medication taken.
  • Activity or exercise.
  • 3 months of information.

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Dimensions 16.7 x 10 x .1 cm

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  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I wholeheartedly believe that these are the best on the market. I am type 2, not on insulin just yet but these are fabulous to record my food, levels and exercise to help me learn what does and doesn’t affect my levels in a negative way. Most importantly it has plenty of space to record foods exercise and anything else. Through this i’ve been able to learn that a few late nights in a row make me high in the morning. That stress most certainly affects my readings and that if I eat white rice my sugar levels are high for around 2 days later. The others don’t give you that space. Thank you for your quality product that is really useful. – Shirley

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