Multi-care Pack


Diabete-ezy Multi-care Pack contains:
1 x Diabete-ezy Multi-fit case
1 x Diabete-ezy Comfy-pump Belt
1 x Diabete-ezy Test-wipe Starter Pack
1 x Diabete-ezy Test-wipe Refill
1 x Diabete-ezy Pump-log Book


What’s Included

Diabete-ezy Multi-care Pack contains:

Multi-fit cases are suitable for both Type 1 & 2 diabetics. The outer case is made of a tough, easy to clean material with a lanyard loop handle, while Velcro and elastic features are used to hold equipment into place.

Comfy-pump belts are comfortable and lightweight. They fit snug around your waist so you can discreetly carry your insulin pump underneath your clothing in one of their inbuilt pockets.

Diabete-ezy Test-wipes are alcohol free and are used to remove food and dirt residue before a blood glucose test and excess blood after testing. Starter Packs come complete with an easy to use dispenser box and 100 testing wipes to ensure a reliable blood glucose test, no matter where you are.

Refill Packs consist of 8 x 25 wipe refills which is a total of 200 wipes. These 8 refill containers are foil-sealed to ensure the wipes remain damp until they are needed.

The Pump Log Record Book is very useful for insulin pump users to keep track of their day-to-day routine and patterns to assist with effective diabetes management.

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 22 x 15.3 x 14.3 cm
Case Colour

Black, Red

Pump belt colour

Black, Nude, White, Royal Blue, Milkshake Pink, Hippy Twirl, Stars, Joker, Polka-Dot, Camouflage, Indy-Check

Pump belt size

X Small (47cm to 55cm Waist), Small (55cm to 65cm Waist), Medium (65cm to 85cm Waist), Large (85cm to 100cm Waist), X Large (100 cm to 140cm Waist)


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